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Our Vehicle Rates to know more please call us :

Rates effective from Sep 2021

Dzire Taxi in Trivandrum



8hr 80*kms : 1900*/-INR

12hr 120*kms: 3200*/-INR

(Ex.Hr : 250/hr Ex.Km : 16/km)


Outstation Trips/Packages : 

3200*/-INR upto 150*kms/day (TVM)Call for Kochi Rates

Ertiga Taxi AC


8hr 80*kms : 2800*/-INR

12hr 120*kms: 3600*/-INR

(Ex.Hr : 300/hr Ex.Km : 19/km)


Outstation Trips/Packages : 

3600*/-INR upto 150*kms/day (TVM)Call for Kochi Rates

Innova Taxi

12hr 150kms: 4200/-INR
(Ex.Hr : 300/hr Ex.Km : 21/km)

Outstation Trips/Packages : 
4200*/-INR upto 150*kms/day (TVM)
Call for Cochin Rates


Innova Crysta Rental

12hr 150*kms: 4500/-INR
(Ex.Hr : 325/hr Ex.Km : 21/km)
Outstation Trips/Packages :
4500*/-INR upto 150*kms/day (TVM)

Force Traveller Rental,Trivandrum
17 Seat Force Traveller Rental


 12 seat AC
City -4500*/-(8hrs 80kms)

Outstation trip-4500*/-(80km)
Package Trip-Call for package rates
17 seat AC
City -5000*/-(8hr 80kms)
Outstation trip- 5000*/-(80km)
Package Trip-Call for package rates

26 Traveller AC
City -7000*(8hr 80kms)
Outstation trip- 7000*(80km)
Package Trip- Call for package rates
* Driver Bata Extra

Tourist Bus Rental,Trivandrum

BUSES 34,35,42,45,49Seat

- 34 seat AC Tourist Bus
- 34 seat Non AC Tourist Bus

- 35 seat AC Bharat Benz
- 35 seat Non AC Bharat Benz

- 49 seat AC AC Tourist Bus
-49 seat AC Non AC Tourist Bus 

42 seat AC Fixed Glass AC Semi Sleeper Volvo

45 seat Fixed Glass Excutive AC Benz Glider

45 seat AC Fixed Glass AC Semi Sleeper Volvo

49 seat AC Fixed Glass AC Multi Alxe Semi Sleeper Scania

-Call us for Rates

Bus on Hire

Wedding Cars Trivandrum

Luxury Car

* Terms & conditions Apply

LUXURY CAR'S:(*Minimum Charges 8hr  80kms)  
Range Rover Velar 25,000*/-INR
Range Rover Red  16,000*/-INR

New Mini Copper    16,000*/-INR

New Jaquar XF     12,500*/-INR
BMW 5 Series      12,000*/-INR
BMW 5 SeriesM5  13,500*/-INR

Benz CLA             11,500*/-INR
Benz CClassWhite 12000*/-INR

Benz CClassBlack 12,000*/-INR
Audi A6              10,500*/-INR
Audi A4               9500*/-INR
New Fortuner       9000*/-INR
New MG Hector     8000*/-INR

New Honda City    6500*/-INR
Toyota Hyrider     6500*/-INR
Kia Seltos            6000*/-INR
Honda Accord       6000*/-INR

New Skoda Salvia  6000*/-INR
Innova Crysta       4750*/-INR

*Terms & Conditions apply   * Office to Office billing     

* Changes in price will apply on Season time & on Fuel hike

Force Tarveller Rental
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